David has provided excellent consultation to ACI’s marketing efforts. He is easy to work with, has a wide knowledge of social media as well as marketing and provided many specific suggestions that were practical and easy to implement. ACI will continue to use and recommend his services.
— Dr. Ann D. Clark
David is very prompt, detail oriented and creative. Over the past 5 years I have worked with him on several projects and he always comes through proper and on time. I highly recommend David for any of your business networking needs.
— Brendan Rojas
I’ve used David for logo creation for a couple of my clients. He has always been very responsive and easy to communicate with. He answers my questions in a way that I actually understand what he means and he’s not just spouting industry jargon. When I needed changes he was very quick and didn’t mind my nit-picking the design. I highly recommend David! I’ve used him more than once and I’ll use him again in the future.
— Amy Hall
“David provide some great concepts for our projects and saw them through from start to finish. He was always prompt in his communications with us.”
— Anita Lum

Freelance Content Writer

David is a business owner that is also a great person to know. He takes his trade and business as a mission to connect with others and make good things happen. David’s service orientation is one of the first things I noticed and the printing products I ordered proved this out. I not only recommend his products that I have used, I have worked with him on joint projects and it was a delight. One more thing, and perhaps the most important, is that he listens, even to constructive criticism.
— Rich Guy Miller

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