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How to Profit in The Web Wasteland: How blogging can help generate 67% more leads every month!

How to Profit in The Web Wasteland: How blogging can help generate 67% more leads every month!

As you start reading this blog post you will likely get distracted before finishing this first sentence, since research has now discovered that most people have less than 8 seconds of attention span. A goldfish has 9 - Shocking, I know. 

Great Article in The Costco Connection - Offline and Online Marketing


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Few Key Points From the Article

  1. Know your market
  2. Target "unexpected" consumers
  3. Pick up the phone
  4. Promote locally
  5. The personal touch

The Dreaded Phone Call

The one thing people fear the most is picking up the phone to prospect, historically known as cold calling.  It no longer needs to be a traditional cold call, think of them as lukewarm calls.  With the power of the internet you can research the person you are trying to contact; find out their interest from twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the like. The call is much more engaging when you know a little about the person on the other end.  Don't go all night stalker on the individual, just a few tidbits should suffice for a very short call.  Remember that people do business with people they know, like and trust.  The goal of the first call is to make a connection, not to sell. 

Great content from the article:

Pick up the phone. An old-fashioned phone call can humanize your marketing while providing cost-effective opportunities to reach potential buyers (rather than waiting for buyers to contact you). In a survey by DiscoverOrg (which provides data to marketing and sales professionals), 60 percent of respondents said a phone call led to a vendor’s offering being evaluated, and 75 percent said they decided to attend an event or make an appointment after receiving a cold call. The key is creating a valuable offering. Before you dial, prepare a brief script to help you maintain a confident, conversational tone. Offer free samples, reports, discounts or consultations that show your call is about the customer, not just the sale.
— Steven Van Yodar