Online Marketing is Not the Only Way To Grow Your Business

Offline Networking is a Key Component to Business Success

Offline Marketing

In our digital world, 'Google' marketing or anything related to marketing, the majority of the articles and search results focus on online advertising. Recognize these titles "Extend Your Social Media Reach," "How to Create a Content Strategy," "The Best Way to Set Up Facebook Ads," and my favorite, "How to Get Clients through the power of Social Media." 

Don't get us wrong - We love the power of the online community, it's what we do. It's done some amazing things for our clients and has allowed us to build our business. But, we can't forget the power of offline networking. What it can do for your business should never be underestimated.

A quality offline and online strategy can be the difference in surviving for many years to come. 

Attend Events

Find organizations to become a part of and attend their meetings. Go to any local business events your city puts on. Establish a Meetup and connect with business owners around your area. Talk with your local chamber of commerce. Go to and search for events around your area. 

Be actively engaged at events. You did not attend these events just for the Instagram picture or brag on social media. You're there to make meaningful connections. Commit to talking with three new people. Get to know their stories, what they do, and the why behind their passion. Start to establish a relationship with them. Get their card and start a slow dance with them for a possible in-person meeting down the road.

Be Focused

Kick off the event off on the right foot. Come appropriately dressed for the event, with a name tag, business cards, a couple of pens, and a good attitude.  

Why did you start your business? What did you do before you started this? What do you do for fun? Compile a quick 60-second (but not robotic) speech about what you do, the biggest problems your ideal clients face, and how you solve them.

Networking offline can connect you with some quality business owners. The connections and relationships you create through these local events can accelerate the pace in which you gain clients. Truly expanding and scaling your business happens when you network and advertise both on and offline. Networking and building relationships are your keys to success. 

Kaylee White

San Diego, CA

Kaylee White is a copywriter for creative business owners, specializing in crafting blog posts, newsletters, and website copy. She guides small business owners through their confusion and helps get their message across clearly and concisely while solidifying their brand's image and style. This helps business owners use their time wisely and on things they truly enjoy, while she gets to engineer the perfect set and order of words to assist in branding. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil, creating and helping others tell stories. As a graduate of the University of California, San Diego, she has put her Communications degree to good use.