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New Website, Now What?

Your Website Can Enhance Your Marketing

Marketing is complex topic nobody really understands. It’s vague, doesn’t have any set rules or structures, and seems overwhelming. There are plenty of resources on how to handle marketing. This blog post will inform you of the key piece in your marketing arsenal - your website. Websites can enhance all of your marketing efforts and make your life easier. 

Enhance Your Marketing

Your website needs to be functioning like a well-oiled marketing machine. This includes being responsible, be attractive, engaging, have clear navigation, and be social. You need calls to action in every appropriate location possible. Your content should be updated consistently. Your business name, contact information, and logo are readily found. The design is consistent with current design trends.

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When your website does well, your marketing does well and vice versa. Your website should be easy to remember, with a memorable URL. Make sure your website showcases clear and consistent branding across all pages and external platforms. Do not forget to update your website regularly with blog posts, new projects, and copy which drives your message and marketing home. 

Marketing Your Website

Using your website to enhance your marketing ensures your message is consistent and attractive to your audience. You are not only using your site to market but on the flip side using your marketing to increase your website views. You shouldn’t be thinking about your website and your marketing as two separate entities but rather as one entity with two halves affecting each other. The two have a symbiotic relationship, and maintenance of both halves encourages a well-balanced brand ecosystem.

Each of your social media channels should be directing traffic to your website. All of your ads and marketing efforts should link back to your site (or landing page/squeeze page): your online home. Anything of importance to your business or your audience should be displayed there. The reason for this is it allows your audience to hear one consistent message driving them to your website. It also allows you to create ads and content which all point to one place. If you remember the goal for all material as driving back to your site, you won’t get as confused trying to come up with content and its purpose.

Simple Concepts - Big Ideas

The concept that your website could increase the return on investment (ROI) you see from all of your marketing efforts is not a new one, but it is one which has become vital in the online business world. Using your website as a landing point for everything you create and as a tool in your marketing strategy can help increase the impact you have on your audience. The importance of this concept cannot be understated. When you think about the tool box of your brand, remember your most powerful marketing device remains to be your website.

David Bareno

David is a serial entrepreneur whose vast experience spans the spectrum from sports equipment manufacturing to printing and design to technology integration. David has drawn from his broad career to develop Think Box Concepts, offering ideas and services that integrate technology, marketing, and sales within an organization. Think Box utilizes these integrations to streamline operations, build brand awareness, and grow the bottom line.