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Not All Words Are Created Equal: An Introduction to Google Keywords


You have your business’s website up and running. You have it linked through your social media accounts and CTR (click through rate) from your strong Facebook video ad campaigns. This is a great start, but in the digital age, marketing your business via multiple platforms is necessary, like the (old) days of phonebook advertising, classified ads in newspapers, and bus benches. Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the modern advertising platform that combines all of the marketing forms of yesteryear.

Almost every business has a website. Your company should if any of your customers look for your products or services online. You probably already know this, maybe you redesigned your website last year (the same site from 2008 doesn’t have the same appeal as sites built in 2018). Webpage appeal and user experience can be the difference between converting digital visitors into real-life customers.

The question becomes, how does a website increase its traffic beyond friends, family, and current customers? Google Ads is one of the most critical advertising platforms for engaging prospective clients and generating new leads.

Google Adwords Management San Diego

Before visiting a restaurant or a specialty gift shop (and anything in between), what do we do? We Google “best Thai restaurant in San Diego,” or “gift ideas in San Diego.” Usually, if what we are looking for isn’t in the first three results, let alone the first page of results, the average Google ads search user starts a new search.

How many clicks do you think that top result receives? What company wouldn't want to hold such a commanding position in the world's most significant source of questions and answers?

We all know Google is HUGE. Somehow Google’s massive influence in our lives can still be understated. Google controls over 65 percent of all internet searches with over 40,000 searches every second. If you aren't using Google Ads to market your business services or products, odds are you are missing valuable opportunities to grow your client base.

Moreover, while creating a Google Ad seems relatively simple, converting your ads into business rather than flushing your marketing budget down the drain takes a deft skill in synthesizing keywords, landing pages, and content to reach your targeted, online audience.

Keywords and Google Ads

Keywords are the combinations of words and phrases that Google uses to match your ads with what people are searching. Basically, rather than being able to pay top-dollar to have your advertisement placed where every searcher will see it (like billboards on the sides of freeways), Google uses complex algorithms to decide if your ad’s keywords are relevant to that digital “freeway.”

Google Ads Help

Google provides three different options in selecting how it treats your keywords:

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