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Is Your (Online) Ad Game Strong?

The Why & How of Creating Facebook Ads

Are you using video in your Facebook ads? If not, you’re doing it wrong. And by ‘it’ we mean your advertising game.

Now, more than ever before, it’s easy to make and share original video content. The combined power of video magnetism and Facebook’s specialized ad targeting create an opportunity for you to reach your exact audience in a profoundly engaging way.

"Plus, video is the easiest way to create content! You can simply find something exciting to videotape that correlates to your brand's message, or simply set your phone up on a tripod and start to film. You can say anything, and edit it out later!! Even better, you don't even have to post the video! You can simply have the video transcribed, so you have a document with words that you can craft into an interesting blog story. Over time, you will get so comfortable on camera (and be tired of writing blogs that do not get as big of conversion as videos) that you will actually post the video, and you will see exciting results! Watching yourself on camera is very nerve-wracking at first, but once you see that no one is commenting about the big nose you think you have, or the pink shirt you decided to wear. You may even notice they will comment on your actual message! They will connect with your emotion, and they will come back and watch again and again! The first video is the most intimidating, and let's face it, the first year of video will probably not be your best, but it will grow your brand! It will introduce people to your products, services, and even to you and your team! A video is key in today's marketing environment, and you will begin to see why this is true once you have your first few videos posted and are creating even more!" - Amanda Henry with @triplepeakmedia

The Why

No doubt you’ve noticed the Facebook feed filled up with video these days. Their new algorithm places video at the top of the content pyramid, meaning a boosted video will get even higher priority. And video is not going anywhere, it’s estimated that by 2020, video content will account for 75% of mobile traffic.

Facebook is competing with Youtube and through business acumen, you know this hits a sweet spot for you as a customer: they’re competing for your advertising budget. Facebook videos are not going to replace your Youtube channel, but they are going to be more specific in addressing an audience.

32 billion users watch at least one Facebook video every day, consuming over 100 million hours of video. This is the ultimate way to reach busy consumers. They aren’t going anywhere out of their way to find you, but Facebook video ads ensure you’ll reach your target customer. The more granular you can identify your audience, they more precise your Facebook ad will hit your target. Adobe discovered shoppers that view videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase a product than non-video viewers.

The majority of consumers today prefer video content to reading text. We’re not going to call Western society lazy, but we are going to acknowledge our distracted minds and the non-stop scroll most of us participate in. The goal is to pause the scroll.

Lucky for you viewers are not interested in high video production value, they are interested in emotional connection. Glossy videos might look nice, but customers want something they can engage and relate with. Remember above all else, authenticity is key. Your brand, product, and service is a story to be told.

The How

Your audience is busy with a diverted attention span, but within three seconds you can get their thumb to stop scrolling. Can you sell a product or service in under ten seconds?

Start the video with your most powerful images. The visual story you’re telling must be interesting and entertaining from the get-go. You’ll want to focus on story-telling more than video length, but the ideal video for viewer engagement is 1:30 in length.

Focus on the visual. 85% of viewers watch video with the sound off. Count on images to tell the story, along with on-screen text. If someone is speaking, utilize captions. Otherwise, get creative in how you visualize data and your storytelling.

Upload directly to Facebook whenever you can. As they are in competition with Youtube, Facebook has created some bonuses to when you directly upload on their platform. This way, you get native video plays. This means when a viewer is scrolling the video starts to automatically play, capturing their attention quicker than a thumbnail with a ‘click to play’ action would take. Native Facebook video has 186% more engagement than videos linked from other platforms. If you are going to upload a Youtube video, make sure to utilize cost-per-impressions (CPM) instead of cost-per-click (CPC) so the autoplay feature is enabled.

Just because a video will autoplay does not detract from the thumbnail image importance! Make sure to choose a thumbnail that looks intriguing to the viewer. Intrigue is also important for the video caption. In your copy, pose a question or elicit curiosity that will be answered or identified in the video.

What’s great about this age of digital marketing is the ability to adapt. If something isn’t working or the views are not as high as we want, we change our approach. As professionals in the marketing space, we believe in producing top content and experimenting for best results!

If you haven’t tried Facebook Live yet, this stat may have you reconsider: users are 3x more likely to spend time watching live broadcasts. A Facebook Live broadcast may sound intimidating, but we’ve learning viewers appreciate the authenticity this brings to the brand. Rehearse and plan ahead of time; if it goes well, save the video for future content! If it’s not your brightest moment, it will disappear and you can try again tomorrow!

While production value does not need to be high-end, there are some standards to make a video palatable. Lighting can be distracting if the image is under or overexposed. You don’t want it too bright or dark on a subject. Also, never underestimate the power of a tripod and microphone. These things can be purchased on the cheap for your mobile device or DSLR camera.

Pay attention to your framing. Make sure the video looks clear and your subject is in full frame - you don’t want someone talking with half their face out of the image! When it comes to formatting, follow the rule of thirds. While classic advice will tell you to always shoot video in Landscape(horizontal), mobile viewing has totally changed the game. The majority of viewers are watching video on their devices, which means a vertical screen. Do not be afraid to film a video in vertical, to make the viewing experience even easier for consumers.

Everything you create for a Facebook video ad can be repurposed. Your most successful video can be embedded on your website, or pinned to the top of your Facebook page. If the content is timely, let the video play out on social media. If the content is evergreen, save it for your Youtube account. Creating content of both types is important for your media presence.

Here are some ideas for your videos:

  • How-to videos: Show a demonstration of your product or service.

  • Entertaining: If the tone works for your brand, go ahead and get creative!

  • Behind the scenes: Show the office, do a staff introduction, or your warehouse if you’re selling a product.

  • Testimonials: Try to get your customers on camera! Happy and real-life customers are priceless content.

  • Live video: any of the above can be live or prerecorded. Try a mix of both and see how it goes!

Our team consists of experts that can help you on your video journey. Please reach out and see what we can do for you!

David Bareno

David is a serial entrepreneur whose vast experience spans the spectrum from sports equipment manufacturing to printing and design to technology integration. David has drawn from his broad career to develop Think Box Concepts, offering ideas and services that integrate technology, marketing, and sales within an organization. Think Box utilizes these integrations to streamline operations, build brand awareness, and grow the bottom line.