Not All Web Developers are Created Equal!

Picking Your Perfect Fit Website Developer

Picking a web developer is a crucial choice that reflects on your entire business. What your developer produces for you will end up being the face of your company. You don’t want to waste money hiring another developer down the road to attempt creating your vision because the first one didn’t quite get what you wanted. 

Pick The Right Website Developer

Know What You Need

When you start looking for the right developer, you need to identify why you need one. This way, you aren’t blindly looking for a developer, and you can formulate a list of expectations. During your search and throughout the hiring process, have the end in mind. 

  • Are you looking for a website to be created? 
  • Do you need to bring someone on long term or will it be for one small project? 
  • Are you bringing them on as a full-time employee or as a freelance contractor? 

Figuring out what you need and are looking for will help the search go smoother. 

Research Everything You Can

When you have narrowed your list down to a few candidates, it’s time to research. Researching each candidate will help you get to know them better. The research aspect is incredibly important if you intend to bring them on long-term. There are a few highlights you should be on the lookout for from each candidate. 

First, check their portfolio. It should have technical AND nontechnical descriptions of each completed project. The second highlight to look for is a client or previous employer testimonials. You may need to request the testimonials, but reading them will give you a better sense of what working with them will entail. 

The third ability you want to make sure they have is excellent communication and time management skills. Do they get back to your inquiries in a timely manner? Are they good at communicating? Also, make sure they fit into your company culture and will work well with you and anyone else involved with the project.

Pick Your Perfect Fit

Whatever you do, don’t rush into your choice. It can be critical to the future direction of your organization. If you have a developer who you trust, have them interview all of your candidates. Do whatever you can to ensure you won’t despise your developer six months down the line. Even if you are looking for help on a small project, it will take some time and interaction with them to get it done. Invest your resources wisely.

Kaylee White

San Diego, CA

Kaylee White is a copywriter for creative business owners, specializing in crafting blog posts, newsletters, and website copy. She guides small business owners through their confusion and helps get their message across clearly and concisely while solidifying their brand's image and style. This helps business owners use their time wisely and on things they truly enjoy, while she gets to engineer the perfect set and order of words to assist in branding. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil, creating and helping others tell stories. As a graduate of the University of California, San Diego, she has put her Communications degree to good use.