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Facebook Ads: People don't Look Up, They Look Down!

Why You Should Advertise on Facebook


Advertising is continually changing every day with updates made to social media platforms. One day spending money on advertisements on a platform like Facebook can be considered sleazy and desperate and the next it can be the hip advertising solution. Facebook paid ads was a controversial update. It signified the end of organic reach for businesses on the Facebookad platform. 

Business owners misunderstood the purpose of paid ads on the platform. They thought it was Facebook attempting to gauge small business owners out of more money for something they didn't think would make a tremendous impact. They didn't stop to think about the benefits of having an advertising platform with the power to pinpoint ideal clients.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook means you're advertising with one of the biggest social media platforms around. It means you can reach your ideal clients without doing much work, all for a small price. Think of it this way; you wouldn't turn away 1,000 or even 100 potential customers from a physical store. Why are you turning away one Billion(ish) people? 

Of course not all one billion are your ideal clients, and you will not be able to serve them all, but even if you only reach a fraction of that, why would you knowingly turn them away from spending money on your business? You aren't going to reach your clients any other way on Facebook. Organic reach is virtually nonexistent on the platform. Using Facebook ads to reach people who are already interested in your brand or have already bought something similar is good business sense. 

Pay To Play

In this day and age, followers, clicks, subscribers, and viewers can all equate to sales. The more you use ads, the more your ideal clients will see you. Using Facebook ads allows you to produce a higher Return On Interest with the use of native buttons and ad retargeting.

Remember the rule salespeople learned about following up? The sale will come to fruition after your 12th - 15th follow up (or even more) with someone. The same thing applies here, but you're able to automate and expedite the process! To gain the exposure your company deserves, you must consider using Facebook advertisements.

David Bareno

David is a serial entrepreneur whose vast experience spans the spectrum from sports equipment manufacturing to printing and design to technology integration. David has drawn from his broad career to develop Think Box Concepts, offering ideas and services that integrate technology, marketing, and sales within an organization. Think Box utilizes these integrations to streamline operations, build brand awareness, and grow the bottom line.