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Why Your Blog Content Should Be Consistent

You know you should be publishing consistent content each month. You set up a calendar, brainstorm all of your blog post notes, and then stare at the blank screen, the cursor mocking you with every blink. As you sit and desperately attempt to get the blog post you procrastinated on written the night before you wanted to post it, you get frustrated. You start to wonder why the heck you even have to publish it anyways. Nobody reads it. You never get any comments or those encouraging emails right when you need it. 

Why You Need Content

Many times, as a business owner, we end up doing things just because we “should.” We “should” be on social media channels that fit your business. We “should” publish blogs weekly. We “should” write newsletters. We “should” network with business owners. We never actually get told why we should even care, beyond we should. 

Take heart, weary entrepreneur; your content is valuable. It may not seem like it, but every single piece of content you create helps to improve your brand - and thus, your authority. You’re showcasing everything you know while helping others learn. You’re becoming the go-to place for information people want and need.

Be Consistent

Every post you publish establishes your authority, so why is it a big deal if it’s consistent or not? Posting content on a regular basis will increase the amount of time people want to spend on your site. They know there will be new content when they visit your website and know what to expect. 

The more time people spend on your site or following you around in your corner of the online world, the more they get to know you. The more they get to know you, the more likely you’ll be the first person they think of whenever they need something. As long as you take the time to produce valuable, consistent content which helps your readers, you’ll increase your community and in turn, increase your customer base! 

Learning all of this turns the negative emotions associated with this “should do” item into something you enjoy. Create content and publish regularly, it will increase your bottom line. Don’t just throw up lackluster content and don’t take it for granted! Your business will thank you. 

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Kaylee White

San Diego, CA

Kaylee White is a copywriter for creative business owners, specializing in crafting blog posts, newsletters, and website copy. She guides small business owners through their confusion and helps get their message across clearly and concisely while solidifying their brand's image and style. This helps business owners use their time wisely and on things they truly enjoy, while she gets to engineer the perfect set and order of words to assist in branding. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil, creating and helping others tell stories. As a graduate of the University of California, San Diego, she has put her Communications degree to good use.