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5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Business Success

LinkedIn Networking - Not a Social Network

It's not a "social network", it's online networking, treat it accordingly.

Growing your contact list and networking with like-minded people is the best way to promote and market your business. It’s the key to achieving business success. Within a short period, LinkedIn has become an important networking platform for professionals. It’s cost efficient and convenient way to build a network for your business online. 

The vast network is a great place to enhance your business identity, grow your network, increase online visibility, engage with professionals from every field and recruit new employees from around the world. Want to know how to build your business with LinkedIn? Here are five must-haves. 

1. Enhance Your Profile

Having a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn makes sure you’re in touch with industry partners, employees, and clients. It provides them with a convenient way to contact you. When there are more details on the profile, it’s easier for people to find you on major search engines. 

It’s recommended to complete the summary section and include a professional photo to increase credibility. You should also customize the public profile URL. As an entrepreneur, sharing valuable content via status updates on this online network is an easy way to start conversations and showcase your knowledge. 

2. Learn from Influencers and Use LinkedIn Pulse

Every morning, a lot of professionals visit news sources to stay updated with trends in their respective industries. LinkedIn Pulse saves your time by aggregating the top articles being shared by professionals and trusted connections within relevant sectors. All this in a single place.

With LinkedIn Pulse, you can choose to follow specific news sources, industries or individuals to get relevant information and credible insights from content shared by these people on LinkedIn. 

3. Get Recommendations

Recommendations are considered to be one of the most effective ways to secure clients. This feature is looked for most while viewing a profile. Recommendations allow you to create a good impression and enhance professional credibility in front of people visiting your business profile. 

Make sure you request recommendations from people you worked with, to ensure quality reviews. With endorsements from trusted connections, you can build your online reputation for your business. 

4. Engage with Connections and Position Your Business as an Authority

To leverage LinkedIn, you should join groups for entrepreneurs or small business organizations. Joining particular industry groups allows you to engage with professionals from different industries. In addition to this, you’re also able to engage with like-minded professionals from relevant fields. Such experts can answer your queries and provide you with business-related support. 

When you join groups related to your particular industry or other relevant small business organizations, it allows you to build new connections. Moreover, potential clients can find you through different groups. It’s worth mentioning that group members have the ability to message each other directly, even when they aren’t connected directly. 

5. Improve Productivity Through LinkedIn Mobile

It’s important to understand that you can access LinkedIn on the move through BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and Windows apps. When you access LinkedIn through these applications, it allows you to update your profile quickly and connect with business professionals at conferences and events. 

It’s worth mentioning that a person can use the LinkedIn mobile app to view conveniently background details of an individual he’s meeting on-the-go. In such a situation, you can "get to know" the person before meeting them in-person. Whether it’s a conversation or introduction, this helps build a genuine connection. 

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the best tools for business networking. With this exceptional social networking platform, you not only build relationships and credibility but also give your company more exposure. Within a short period, LinkedIn has become the largest online network of business professionals. 

While filling in your information in the LinkedIn business profile, you should also include awards, achievements, and other data to give more exposure to your business. All the information should be accurate and detailed. To achieve positive results, you can also seek professional help. To ensure your business can build a solid online presence. Many experts can help you establish a good LinkedIn profile. 

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