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What does a sprinkler system have to do with business automation?

The importance of business automation

Business Automation and its Importance

People love their yards. At the first sign of spring, they buzz around happily, going from task to task, getting their lawns ready for the summer to come. They aerate the ground, fertilize the grass, spread mulch, and tune up the yard tools. They might even carefully measure the time and amount of water given to each area of the yard. They go out faithfully every evening and hand water every single blade of grass. 

May comes around and the lawn is a lush green carpet ready for summertime cookouts and nighttime stargazing. Can you see it?

Then the middle of May comes around and the distractions of work, family, or school all compete for your time, so you use a sprinkler attachment in place of hand watering. The attachment is great because it frees you up to do other things - at least until you have to go out and move it every fifteen minutes. So you go out only to discover a kink in the hose. How long has it been there? Did this area get enough water? You don't want to over-water, because that brings in a new set of problems. So you move the hose to the next area, but realize the hose is too short to reach that back corner near the fence. Maybe you open the spigot to full capacity, but now you've got water spraying out from the connection, getting the dog wet. And nobody likes the smell of wet dog.

A better solution would be to install an automatic sprinkler system. Sure, it takes time and money to install on the front end, but once you program the timer, the system does the rest, leaving you free to focus on other things. You get the benefit of a beautiful, green lawn, while saving time, money, and energy.

It's a simple analogy, but the same is true for business automation. Yes, it will require some upfront costs, but by implementing automated processes, you, your employees, your business, and your customers all benefit. You save time and money in the long run. Workflows are streamlined and run more efficiently, which minimizes errors, which in turn lowers costs. Accountability becomes transparent and communication becomes clear - on a sprinkler system, it is easy to see when there is a malfunction and where it is located. If communication is clear, then the messaging your customers receive becomes clear, helping them to align to your brand, products, and services. Automation frees you up to focus on big picture items like growth and expansion.

Whether in yard care or business, automation is the key to streamlining processes.

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