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Stop Sending Cr@p Emails...

I hate marketing emails

Emails That Work for the Modern Day Business Owner

Tired of marketing emails? You know the ones: they have more branding design then useful content. The ones that say, buy, buy, me, me, look over here...

72% of B2B buyers are most likely to share useful content via email. Earnest Agency


  1. Too much design, not enough useful content
  2. Not enough rapport with recipient
  3. Emails are all about the company, not the reader
Email lists with 10% or more unknown users get only 44% of their email delivered by ISPs - Convince & Convert


1. Basic Layout

Why not strip out all the branding, and write an email blast just like a regular email?  

What I learned from my business mentor Richie Norton was the powerful use of the minimalist email campaign.

I noticed the simplistic layout of his emails, basic and concise. I started to notice the short and simple emails were grabbing my attention, more than the click to "Display images below" notification that displays on top of most email campaigns.

Display Images Below Emails suck

The light bulb over my head went off and I realized the high impact from his simple email, minus all the fluff.

I would actually read the entire email, because it looked like an email, walked like an email, and talked like an email...must be an email -- oh wait it was an email blast. 


  • Easy to ready in 1 minute or less
  • No need to download needless branding images into your email client
  • Gets to the point!

2. Ask permission, build rapport

Make sure you get permission. Ask the person if you can add them to your email list. The last thing someone wants is an unsolicited email, and some people get downright angry - trust me - I know.

If someone does not want to receive an email from your marketing list, it's okay to build a relationship directly. Phone calls, direct email, or snail mail work just as well. Some clients don't want generic emails, and that's okay.

Rapport matters. 

3. Don't waste your reader's time

If you are going to send an email, why not send an email that will help your reader? 

For example, I send useful business tips about marketing, sales, and technology, that could help business owners with these three key topics. 

Oftentimes emails with useful content get noticed.

P.S. - Don't panic about unsubscribes, it just means your list is getting stronger and more relevant. 

As my old friend would say SEND IT!

More email stats from - HERE

David Bareno

David is a serial entrepreneur whose vast experience spans the spectrum from sports equipment manufacturing to printing and design to technology integration. David has drawn from his broad career to develop Think Box Concepts, offering ideas and services that integrate technology, marketing, and sales within an organization. Think Box utilizes these integrations to streamline operations, build brand awareness, and grow the bottom line.