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How to Profit in The Web Wasteland: How blogging can help generate 67% more leads every month!

As you start reading this blog post you will likely get distracted before finishing this first sentence, since research has now discovered that most people have less than 8 seconds of attention span. A goldfish has 9 - Shocking, I know. 

[Insert Cat Video Here;)]

You are now over 10 seconds...

It might be your phone ding, email notification, or even a LinkedIn notification, all this digital clutter looking to distract. Trust me, as a fellow business owner I am constantly having outside influences pull me in directions that keep me from revenue generating tasks, like writing this blog post.

This particular post is not a how-to on eliminating distractions, rather creating distractions that are of value to your readers, which will aid in generating more revenue for your business.

Think for a minute how often you get distracted. Now think about the last time you clicked on a link that really brought value to you and your business. Most links are just clickbait ready to disappoint the moment you realize half-way through it was a complete waste of time. 

B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not blog.

If you are going to generate content (which you should), make sure it's relevant to your intended target market.

For example, my target clients are business owners, and this blog post is intended to encourage business owners to start looking into value-driven content to help their business grow. 

Ways to create valuable content on a consistent basis:

  • Hire a copywriter -  TBC's copywriter --> Cindy Stagg
  • Set a calendar to write blogs - I set my blog time every Monday, at minimum I write down blog ideas to discuss or pass on to my copywriter
  • Ask your current customer base what they would like to read about
  • Set Google Alerts for relevant content delivered you your email - Sign Up Here 
  • Sign up for other company blogs to see how their content is delivered
  • Read relevant industry magazines that can help keep you up-to-date on industry news, that you can pass on to your audience
  • Oh, and hire a copywriter - did I mention that already?

This blog was inspired by LinkedIn's Attention is a Currency E-Book Download this valuable document HERE



David Bareno

David is a serial entrepreneur whose vast experience spans the spectrum from sports equipment manufacturing to printing and design to technology integration. David has drawn from his broad career to develop Think Box Concepts, offering ideas and services that integrate technology, marketing, and sales within an organization. Think Box utilizes these integrations to streamline operations, build brand awareness, and grow the bottom line.