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The Life As An entrepreneur - The Story of THink Box Concepts

A message from David. 

Feeling stuck? Is the vision you have for your business just not happening? Are you so caught up in the day-to-day operations of your company that you don’t have time to think about big picture ideas?

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

With my first venture, Flip Seven Snowboards, I pursued snowboard manufacturing here in the United States. Even though the cost was nearly double that of overseas manufacturing, I stuck with it because I believed in supporting the U.S. economy.

Because I followed my heart and not my head, and lost nearly all of my investment in doing so, I gained a new and unique perspective. I might have had better success if I would have started overseas, gained a foothold in the industry, then duplicated those same cost-effective manufacturing strategies here at home.

Lesson learned.

Later, I bounced back with a successful graphics and printing company, where I was able to refine some of my processes. This enabled me to spend more time in creative consultation with my clients, partners, and associates. 

I was recently reminded of the valuable insight that I brought to my past clients when my neighborhood coffee shop owner asked for ideas to increase business. I asked her if she had an email campaign service that she utilized, and her answer was no. I promptly mentioned that an email list is important in communicating to your existing and future clients and can lead to increased revenue. She was very interested, but reluctant because of the limited interest on her website. 

Among other things, we looked at incentivizing existing clients with a coupon in return for submitting their email address. She could slowly build her email list and following, which would allow her to market weekly or monthly to her clients via an automated email platform.   

This second business was so successful that I was able to sell my expansive client list and move on to other entrepreneurial endeavors.

That’s when Think Box Concepts was born.

You know the old adage: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Within any business or organization, there are many departments: marketing, sales, and IT. They each have their own roles within the business, and they may even be really good at what they do. But sometimes, communication between the departments breaks down. Or doesn’t exist at all. Think Box is here to help you strengthen those departments, link them together, and in turn, strengthen your company. We’ll get them talking, working, and most importantly, THINKING together. 

In other words, Think Box will help you streamline processes within your organization, all with the result of increasing sales and growing your business.

Think Box Concepts offers creative solutions for your business-related problems.

Why Think Box?

  • Outside Perspective
  • Alternative Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Intuitive and Agile Solutions
  • Your CMO Solution

More than a concept, Think Box is your integrated plan for success.